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Liturgy Links


As a service to you, ACP provides the following extensive listing of external links.  Although we trust that you will find some of these links useful, please know that we have no control over their content.  For further information, see our Disclaimer.

Archdioceses, Dioceses, and Related Organizations


Catechesis in Liturgy


Eucharist ["Divine Liturgy" or "Holy Communion" or "Mass"]


Graphics, Art, and Religious Goods

Healing Sacraments [anointing and reconciliation/penance]

Initiation/RCIA [baptism, confirmation, and First Holy Communion]

Jewish Roots of Christian Liturgy

Kid's Liturgy

Liturgy of the Hours/Divine Office

Music in the Liturgy

News and Commentary

Ordination [deacon, priest, bishop]

Publishers and Publications

Questions and Answers

Resources for Research and Study

Societies and Associations

Time of Mass, for Travellers

Universities and Centers of Liturgical Training

Vows and Other Wedding Rituals

Word of God in the Liturgy

Year of Grace [Church calendar and the liturgical year]

Zany, Extraneous, and Irrelevant



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Archdioceses, Dioceses, and Related Organizations

Archdiocese of Chicago

Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy The secretariat for the committee of bishops who work on liturgical renewal in the U.S. Documentation on both Roman and American legislation. You can subscribe to their Newsletter.

Brooklyn Diocese

Busted Halo  A site for young adults.

Canadian Catholic Conference Resource for both French and English issues of the National Bulletin on Liturgy. Helpful brochures on such topics as Communion from the chalice, celiac disease etc.


Dioceses in the United States.  On their websites, many dioceses publish articles, documentation, and pastoral letters on the liturgy.  In this linked site are found both Latin Rite and Eastern Catholic dioceses.

Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions  An association of commissions in many of the U.S. dioceses. Useful publications for parish instruction.

Landings An evangelization site from the Paulist Fathers.

Paulist Fathers

San Rocco Oratory  A quasi-parish with its own, distinctive history. A good model for parish websites, especially in its introduction to each of the sacraments.

Spiritans Congregation of the Holy Spirit USA, Eastern and Western Provinces.

Vocation Office of the Chicago Archdiocese.

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For relevant links, background, and a brief selection of the hundreds of Bibles available to you in our online bookstore, go directly  to the category  "Bibles" in the ACP Family Bookstore.

For links to pertinent online articles, see below, Word of God in the Liturgy.


Catechesis in Liturgy

Center for Liturgy of St. Louis University A pastorally oriented site, to help in preparation of Sunday Mass. Inspired by the leadership of Father John Foley, S.J.

Liturgical Catechesis from the University of Dayton, Ohio Part of the campus ministry site edited by Father Gerald T. Chinchar, S.M.

Liturgy From Ireland, a collection of website URLs.

Liturgy in New Zealand In this Anglican site, you will find reflections for each Sunday, based on the opening prayer; other resources are also provided for the entire liturgical year.

Liturgy at Creighton University A catechetical site organized by Father Roc O'Connor, S.J. 

Resources for Catholic Educators A directory of links, arranged by category.

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[Offical statements and documents are also provided under other headings.]

Catechism of the Catholic Church.  With an index, search engine, and table of contents, here is a licensed, online, English translation, courtesy of St. Charles Borromeo Church.  

Catholic Liturgical Library An expansive site, with the full text of many official documents on the liturgy, in the English language.

Christian Worship Texts c. 1900-2000 CE: Roman Catholic Communion by Father Jan Michael Joncas. A very good compilation of official texts, available online.

Constitution on  the  Liturgy   In our time, the most important Church document on liturgy, promulgated at the Second Vatican Council in 1963.  Fundamental principles affecting all future reform of the liturgy,  promoting a renewed appreciation of the spirit of the liturgy, and providing a solid theological and a pastoral foundation for Church renewal. If you don't have your own copy, this is the place to order the Constitution on the Liturgy.

Directory on Popular Piety and the Liturgy An important pastoral document, helping to integrate popular devotion with the liturgy, 2002.

Ecclesia Catholica Most complete collection of liturgical sources since 1962:  the Roman Missal, the Pontifical, the Ritual, the Martyrology, and the monthly Ordo  [Kalendar].

Fifth Instruction on the Use of Vernacular Languages  A press release about this document, in English [Liturgiam Authenticam], 2001. 

Gather Faithfully Together: A Guide for Sunday Mass Cardinal Roger Mahoney's pastoral letter to his Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California, 1997. This is an insightful, wise, and prudent instruction,  fostering renewal of Sunday liturgy, according to the mind of the Church.  Ignorant and narrow-minded individuals have criticized this pastoral letter, even in the media These people  understand neither the Church's own theology, expressed in its prayer and in its doctrine, nor the good order of the community, expressed in our deference to the teaching authority of a local bishop.  Gather Faithfully Together is an admirable and praiseworthy document.  We can all learn from it.

Guide for Keeping Sunday Holy by Pope John Paul II.  This Apostolic letter, Dies Domini,  is a good explanation of the nature of Sunday; for a Christian, it is the day for the celebration of the Eucharist. 

 Liturgical Music Today by the U.S. Bishops' Committtee on the Liturgy, 1982.

Mediator Dei Encyclical of Pope Pius XII on the liturgy, 1947. This document was acclaimed as the Magna Carta of the liturgical movement.  In many respects, the teaching of Pius XII anticipated the theological renewal of the Second Vatican Council.  For example, the very first words of Mediator Dei refer to the liturgical role of Jesus Christ as our mediator with God, our intercessor, always pleading for us to the  Father.

Motu Propio On Sacred Music, from Pope Pius X, 1903.

Music in Catholic Worship  by the U.S. Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy, 1972.

Norms for the Distribution and Reception of Holy communion under Both Kinds, 2001. From the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Roman Detailed analysis of Church documents.  Excellent comparison, paragraph-by-paragraph, of the 1975 and the 2002 editions of the Institutio Generalis of the Roman Missal, the "General Instruction." Note that the 2002 edition of the General Instruction has some changes from the 2000 edition.

The Theological Vision of Sacrosanctum Concilium and the Roman Missal. An in-depth study of the Constitution on the Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council and the current edition of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal.  Four theological principles are used to outline this study.

Vatican City A site for documents of the Roman Congregation for Divine Worship.  A convenient place to access original Latin texts, official notices, and even press releases. 

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Bibliography: Theology of Eucharist.  Compiled by Father William Harmless, S.J.

Catholic Communion by Father Paul Turner.  Why Communion in the Catholic Church is open to Eastern Orthodox, for example, but not to Protestants.  A bulletin insert.

Christian Liturgy by Father Edward Kilmartin, S.J. A theological work on the Eucharist, 1988.

Eucharist: Sign and Source of Christian Unity by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M.  Accurate and well written.  An inexpensive newsletter, intended for mass distribution as a reprint.

Eucharist in the West by Father Kilmartin, 1998.

Eucharistic Adoration by Father Michael Witczak.  A bibliography.

Eucharistic Prayers for Various Needs and Occasions. From Liturgical Press.  If you prefer, you can also order the Catholic Book edition.

The Good News and Our Proclamation of the Faith by Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J. An online condensation of the author's pioneering book of 1936, revised in 1962.

History of the Mass.  A 12-part online digest of Father Jungmann's Mass of the Roman Rite.

Mass of the Roman Rite, Vol. I  by Father  Jungmann. A thorough history of the celebration of the Eucharist in the Church of Western Europe and  North Africa, up to 1951. 

Mass of the Roman Rite, Vol. II by Father Jungmann, 1955.

The Mass  by Father Jungmann.  A historical, theological, and pastoral study of the Eucharist, 1976.

Mass Stipends: Origin and Relevance. A well documented essay.

The Mass: What's Ahead: Preview of the Roman Missal's New Instruction by Msgr.  James P. Moroney. An inexpensive newsletter, intended for mass distribution as a reprint.

Posture and Prayer by Father Frank C. Quinn, O.P. In this article, the author considers kneeling during the part of the Eucharistic Prayer that follows the Sanctus, especially in the United States.

Real Presence: The Work of the Eucharist by Nathan Mitchell.  A book review by Father Paul Turner.

Revd Dr PAUL McPARTLAN.  See the excerpts of reviews of this author's book,  The Eucharist Makes the Church.

The Spirit, Christ, and Worship by Peter Lockhart.  This article highlights the role of  the Holy Spirit in the liturgy.  With regard to the place of Christ, the author points out how Father Jungmann's research made an important contribution to contemporary understanding of the mediatorship of Christ.

The Spirituality of Christian Worship by Nathan Mitchell.

Theology and Eucharist by Father Alexander Schmemann.

What Has Happened to My Devotion? by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M. An inexpensive newsletter, intended for mass distribution as a reprint.

Zizioulas on a Eucharistic Ecclesiology.  A book review by Wayne Olson.  Metropolitan John Zizioulas is one of the best living ecclesiologists.



At the hour of our death by Kathy Saunders.

Bridge Building.  A useful source for holy cards.

Catholics and Cremations, Questions and Answers.

Cremation in Catechesis and the Funeral Liturgy by Mark E. Cunningham.

Introduction to the Catholic funeral rite.  A resource for appropriate songs, including a music search engine, pastoral suggestions for planning a funeral, and some of the best books you need, especially by Father Richard Rutherford, C.S.C.

The Order of Christian Funerals by Father Thomas Paprocki.  Policy guidelines for the Archdiocese of Chicago. A PDF file.

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Graphics, Art, and Religious Goods

The Art House Here, you can see the excellent art of Bracha Levee. Using the imagery of the Old Testament, this gifted Israeli artist has created masterpieces of her homeland. See, for example, "Women of the Bible" or "In the Desert."  Visit The Art House today; select the art you prefer; and to get the best price, place your order with us, American Catholic  Press, at [708] 331-5485.

Bulletin Bonanza by Father Richard Lonsdale.  Free graphics for your Sunday bulletin or any other nonprofit publication.  This line art in one color is catalogued online by feastdays and Sundays.

Christian Clip Art. A list of links from Resources for Catholic Educators.

Fine Art Gallery Art of different styles and media. The website offers a wide variety of features and services that enable customers and artiss to buy and sell art online.

Free Christian Art Prints FreeArt provides free small art prints of over 33 Million images! For a shipping fee of just $1.99 you will receive a high-quality art print. Search photographic and illustration art prints in a variety of styles and on almost any topic you can imagine! Most art prints ship the next business day and we offer a money-back guarantee for up to 30 days after your purchase.

Leaflet Missal Company  A religious goods store, with rosaries, statues, etc. Ask for their catalog. Years ago, they published the Leaflet Missal® now published by American Catholic Press. There is no connection between the Leaflet Missal Company and American Catholic Press.

Tarrywood Designs  An excellent source for clip art for bulletins, newsletters, etc. Vendor of clip art by the renowned Virginia Broderick, one of the most gifted artists in the U.S.

Virginia Broderick: Artist Extraordinary The remarkable story of this remarkably talented personality.


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Healing Sacraments
 [Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation/Penance]

Anointing A set of links especially for religious educators.

Anointing of the Sick by Father Albert Audette.  Especially for his parish website, the author has prepared a clear and concise explanation of this sacrament, taking into account questions people have.

Anointing of the Sick by Father Mark Link, S.J.

Anointing of the Sick from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, in English. [There is also a paperback edition of the Catechism.]

Anointing of the Sick: A Parish Sacrament by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M. An inexpensive newsletter, intended for mass distribution as a reprint.

The Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, Apostolic Constitution, Pope Paul VI, 1972

* * * * * * * * * *

Annulment of Marriage:  Good Books.

Atonement or At-one-Ment?  by Father Kevin O'Shea.  A set of notes, with some citations and footnotes for six lectures on the theology of atonement, which underlies such concepts as forgiveness and reconciliation. The material is unfinished, choppy, and not yet edited in a format appropriate for publication; neither is sufficient documentation provided.  Nevertheless, the topic is important; and this online presentation could be useful.

Catholics Can Come Home Again!: A Guide for the Journey of Reconciliation with Inactive Catholics by Carrie Kemp.

Future of the Sacrament [of Reconciliation] by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M. Good review of discusssion among scholars, in favor of reconciliation in stages. Excellent study questions and bibliography.  Class outline. 

How to Celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation Today by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M. An inexpensive newsletter,  intended for mass distribution as a reprint.

Jesus and Forgiveness by Father David Elder et al.  See the comments of Father Ladislas Orsy, S.J., on how sin is understood today.

Reconciliation by Father Pat  Umberger. A pastoral guide for an individual who hasn't received the sacrament for a long time.

Reconciliation by Father Paul Turner.  A brief guide for a new penitent.

Reconciliation: Rite and Life by Father Giles Dimock, O.P.  Following Thomas Aquinas, the author considers current renewal of the theology of the sacrament, the reform of the rite, the community aspect of reconciliation, the Eucharist as reconciling sacrament, and reconciliation beyond sacraments.

The Role of the Confessor in the Formation of Conscience by Father David Cilia.  Abstract of an S.T.L. dissertation.  Good review of scholarly literature and post-Vatican II pastoral situation.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation by Father James Dallen.  A very good history of the sacrament, including the 1973 Rite of Penance.  See the bibliography for further references.

Sin and Reconciliation in Christian Ethics by Father James T. Bretzke, S.J. An extensive bibliography of both books and articles, up to May 29, 2002.  Note the references to Karl Rahner, S.J.  A PDF file.

Theologies of Penance during the Donatist Controversy by Maureen A. Tilley.  Presented at the Oxford Patristic Conference August 25, 1999.  A good historical study of penitential practice in fourth century North Africa.

Paul  This site includes a current bibliography  of Father Paul Turner.  He has written extensively, especially on initiation and reconciliation. With an excellent scholarly background, he also has a gift for writing clearly and directly.  His articles and other publications are first-rate.  Order his books from the ACP Family Bookstore. 

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[baptism, confirmation, and First Holy Communion]

Baptism and Initiation An extensive study.

Catechetical Age by Father Paul Turner.  Why are children who receive baptism receiving confirmation at the same time? A PDF file. 

Catholic RCIA Graphics by Thomas Scharbach.  Full-color art of good quality.

Children's Catechumenate, brief but valuable.

Christian Initiation by Father Kenan Osborne, O.F.M.  An inexpensive newsletter, intended for mass distribution as a reprint.

Converts from the Catholic Pages Directory:  books, multimedia, and articles, from people who have joined the Catholic Church.Initation/RCIA, Introduction to the topic, beautifully illustrated and presented.  Excellent bibliography with links so you can order books online.

Need Help Getting the RCIA Process for Children Started? North American Forum on the Catechumenate.  An organization of RCIA directors.

The Origins of Confirmation: An Analysis of Kavanagh's Hypothesis by Father Paul Turner.

The Order of Christian Initiation of Adults by Father Gerald T. Chinchar, S.M.  An excellent introduction to the RCIAQ & A - RCIA and Holy Saturday, Ten questions and answers from a semi-official source, the Office of Communciations of the U.S. Catholic bishops.

A Rite of Passage by Father Aidan Kavanagh, O.S.B.  An imaginative description of a fourth-century baptism. A PDF file.

Rite of Baptism for Children by J.Frank Henderson.  A critique of the present rite, with hope for future adaptation.

A PDF file.RCIA: Rite of Christian Initation of Adults from Sacred Heart Church in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  A simple, one-page summary of the RCIA, its history, purpose, and  process.  Typical of many parish sites on this topic.

Review of Recent Literature on Confirmation by Carl A. Volz.  See especially the summaries of works by Father Aidan Kavanagh, O.S.B., and Father Gerard Austin, O.P. A PDF file.

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults: the RCIA Process by Vickie Shepherd.  An excellent overview and outline, with effective links within the site; especially good explanation of the mystagogy.

Rite of Election by Father Paul Turner.  Bulletin insert from Resource Publications.

Rite of Election/Rite of Sending by Father Paul Turner.  Bulletin insert from Resource Publications.

The Sacraments of Initiation and Christian Life by Father Frank C. Quinn, O.P.  The author argues that the whole Christian life is the unfolding of baptism as manifested in the Easter Vigil.Scrutiny by Father Paul Turner.  Bulletin insert from Resource Publications.

Six Steps to Effective Mystagogy by Sister Miriam Malone, S.N.J.M. Good ideas for the least appreciated part of the RCIA.

Theology Library: RCIA.  Good set of links.

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Jewish Roots of Christian Liturgy

Bradshaw, Paul F. One of the most competent living historians of the liturgy.

Christianity in Jewish Terms by Jay Cooper Rochelle.  In particular, see the paragraphs beginning, on page [5], with the words, "Lawrence Hoffman covers the Jewish background to Christian worship in his chapter."

The Early History of Jewish Worship by Stefan C. Reif, from The Making of Jewish and Christian Worship.

First Century Synagogue Liturgy by Phil Thompson.

The Gifts of the Jews by Thomas Cahill.  In one brief volume, here are the fundamental ideas that formed the Jewish tradition, especially in its history and its theology.

Jewish and Christian Liturgical Collaboration? by Rev. Rogert Tomes.

Jewish Components of Christian Worship by  B. Williams and H. Anstall, in part.

The Making of Jewish & Christian Worship by Rev. Paul F. Bradshaw, Lawrence A. Hoffman, et al. While these  editors have contributed two chapters to this book, there are several other authors, among them Father John F. Baldovin, S.J., and Susan J. White.

The Making of Jewish & Christian Worship, book review, by Rev. Keith Watkins. See the authors cited in the second paragraph.

Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith by Marvin R. Wilson.

The Search for the Origins of Christian Worship by Rev. Paul F. Bradshaw.

The Sh'ma and Its Blessings by Lawrence A. Hoffman et al.

The Worship Service as a Cultural Experience by Tzvi Howard Adelman.

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Kid's Liturgy

Children Celebrate! Full color leaflets, available in sets of 25.

Children's Liturgy of the Word. From the Scottish National Commission for the Liturgy. An excellent follow-up to the 1973 Directory for Masses with Children.

Children's Liturgy of the Word. From Holy Family Church in Singapore.

Childrens's Liturgy of the Word. From Sacred Heart Parish in Qincy, Missouri.

he Complete Children's Liturgy Book: Liturgies of the Word for Years A, B, C. by Katie Thompson.

Developing Children's Liturgy: A Step-By-Step Guide by Gail Fabbro.

Directory for Masses with Children by the Congregation for Divine Worship, 1973. A PDF file.

Eucharistic Prayer for Masses with Children [When may it be used?].

For crying out loud, let's keep kids from disrupting Mass by Joel Schorn, from U.S. Catholic.

Guidelines for the Liturgy of the Word with Children by the Bishops' Conferences of England and Wales. A PDF file.

Liturgy Documentary Series, Volume 12: Masses with Children. Official documents in English.

Liturgy with Children and Youth: How to Integrate Their Gifts into Sunday Celebrations by Marianne de C. Dunn. A 29-page essay, with footnotes.

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Liturgy of the Hours/Divine Office

ACP Introduction and Bibliography for the Divine Office  There are several editions available online.  If  you want to order the four-volume set  of the Liturgy of the Hours and you find that it is designated as Out of Stock, check back in a week or so.  There is great demand for this four-volume set, and it can sometimes be temporarily out of stock.  If you wish, call us at [708] 331-5485 or e-mail us at [email protected]  We will place a special order for you.

Ambrosian Liturgy of the Hours The city of Milan, Italy, has its own rite, distinct from the Roman Rite.  Study of the Ambrosian Divine Office can help us understand our own. 

Liturgy of the Hours Daily texts of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer, in Adobe Acrobat.  Available in booklet format for singing in groups and in standard format for those who want large print.

Liturgy of the Hours from Roman Clear outlines of celebration of the Divine Office, with documentation for its communal character.

Liturgy of the Hours in East and West by Father Robert Taft, S.J.

Short Breviaries  in 20th Century  America by Theo Keller.  Extensive study of abbreviated editions of the  Divine Office, in Latin and English.

What is the Liturgy of Hours?  Especially excellent, with its related links on the top of the page, this article is from the Archdiocese of New York.  The content was authored by Sister Janet Baxendale, S.C.

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Music in the Liturgy
[See also Documents, above.]

Baroque Music.  Articles and links.

Chant Links by Richard Lee.

Church Music: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow by Archbishop Rembert Weakland, O.S.B. A valuable article, providing a succinct overview of reform in church music, from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.

Classical Archives Online access to the music and biographies of classical  composers. The largest collection of classical music archives on the Internet, more than 14,000 items by more than1,000 composers. Most of the music is in MIDI format. Some is in Windows Media and MP3 formats.  A learning center  offers instruction online.

Classical Music Pages by Matthew Boynick. Erhaltlich auch auf deutsch.

Classical Music Webring. There are thousands of websites on this topic.  Here is the largest related webring, currently online. 

Cyberhymnal Public domain hymns, with full texts and information about authors and composers.  Even images, when available, of these people. 

Gregorian Chant Home Page Many useful links to related sites, especially for research.

Gregorian Chant Institute The Rensselaer Program of Church Music and Liturgy, from St. Joseph's College.  Founded and organized by Father Lawrence Heiman, C.PP.S.

Gregorian Chant Notation. A primer on medieval, four-line notation.

Gregorian Chant Recordings Wave files and MP3 formats, for listening. You can download the files on your hard disk.  Recorded at the Monastery of St. Benedict in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Liturgica A site with valuable historical overviews of music in the liturgy, well organized and presented.  While the Protestant heritage  is considered, the site is favorable to the Catholic and Orthodox traditions, with their sacramental and historical roots in early Christian liturgy.  The authors use the British term, "liturgics," where most Americans would say "liturgical studies" or, simply, "liturgy."  The authors also rely much on Father Gregory Dix, O.S.B., an Anglican.  This site, Liturgica, is informative and attractive, especially in its musical accompaniment. Music-Labels for your music recordings.
This is the world's leading classical label in terms of the number of new releases and the depth and breadth of its catalogue. No other label covers such a wide range of music and categories, from Early Music to Contemporary composers, from instrumental and chamber music to opera. There are American Classics, Japanese Classics, Spanish Classics, Greek Classics and several other national collections of classical music. Naxos is the only truly universal classical label. In 2006 Naxos released 238 new titles recorded in 29 countries around the world.

Spasi Hospodi A remarkable midi collection of hymns from many
Eastern Churches.  Fascinating and inspiring.

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News and Commentary

Catholic Online  10,000 Catholic links, website development, information on liturgy.

Digital Liturgy Open Forum, with pastoral discussion.  Questions and answers.

Liturgical Renewal: Two Latin Rites? by Archbishop Rembert Weakland, O.S.B.

Missalettes and the Mass by Bishop Wilton Gregory.  Online, you can get background information on the author and order this booklet.

News on Liturgy   A regularly updated site, with current information on liturgy, including relevant links and photos.

We Believe A newsletter intended for  those looking for information and a thoughtful perspective on issues of liturgical renewal. Also available in e-mail and in printed format.


 [deacon, priest, bishop]

A Brief History of the Permanent Diaconate.

The Deacon at Mass A detailed explanation, derived from official sources.

The Diaconate:  A Full and Equal Order by Father James Monroe Barnett.  Perhaps the most accurate and informative study of the diaconate yet published. The author presents the history of the diaconate extensively and competently. He also writes wisely on the renewal of this office in our time.  Among the author's many insights is the idea that the deacon's proper liturgical role at Sunday Mass does not include preaching the sermon; it does include leading the congregation in song, especially for the General Intercessions. Presiding, including preaching the sermon, is a presbyteral and episcopal function [pp. 191, 211-212].  An excellent work.  A useful portal for articles, documents, links, and other resources on the diaconate.

The dress and address of deacons by Duane L.C.M. Galles.  A canonical study, useful for the United States.

Holy Saturday: An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate   This is a book review by Margaret Eletta Guider, providing a summary and evaluation of the work of the author, Phyllis Zagano.  The impetus for this book in part came from the late Cardinal John O'Connor, Archbishop of New York; see the report of Patricia Lefevere.  Online, if you wish, you can order Holy Saturday.  

Liturgical Guidelines for Deacons from the Diocese of Davenport, Iowa. A PDF file.  These guidelines are clear, well written, and reliable; they represent a valuable service to the Church. This  document relies on the 1975 edition of the Institutio Generalis of the Roman Missal.  For example, paragraph 134 of that document is cited in opposition to the 1984 Ceremonial of Bishops, which asked that the deacon  kneel down during the Eucharistic Prayer, from the epiclesis to the elevation of the chalice.  This request, however, was added to the 2002 edition of the Institutio Generalis, in paragraph 179.  So, at least de more, the deacon is to kneel down at this time.  No doubt, the authors will want to revise and amplify these guidelines, in accord with the new edition of the Institutio Generalis.

National Guidelines for the permanent Diaconate in Australia. This is a set of specific directions for Mass, preaching, and weddings.

The Order of Deacon by La Rue H. Velott.  History of the diaconate.

The Ordination of Women Deacons  The mainstream of scholarly opinion is that the ordination of women was valid and essentially the same as  the ordination of men.  Note, however, that the service these women rendered was to care for the needs of widows, to bring Communion to the sick, and to assist in the baptism and confirmation of women.  They did not proclaim the Gospel, sing the litanies, or help with Communion in the liturgy. Like the men deacons, the women did not preach the sermon at Mass. The role of women deacons was in accord with the role of women in the wider society.

Permanent Diaconate  An extensive list of links and articles, from the Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts.

Resources on Diaconate by the Secretariat for the Diaconate, of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.


* * * * * * * * * *


Bishop and Presbyter as Representatives of the Church and Christ by Father Edward J. Kilmartin. S.J. Perhaps the most brilliant sacramental theologian in the U.S. in the twentieth century, the author presents a cogent case that the priest in the Eucharist first represents the Church at Prayer.  Only secondarily does he represent Christ.

The Changing Face of the Priesthood by Father Donald B. Cozzens.  Book review by Father Kevin Shanley, O.Carm. You can order this book online.

Decree on the Ministry and Life of Priests [Presbyterorum Ordinis] by the Second Vatican Council, 1965.

Eastern Orthodoxy and  the Ordination of Women by Father Michael A. Fahey, S.J.  As the author shows, Eastern Orthodox tradition and contemporary theological consensus are strongly opposed to the ordination of women.  For the author, such opposition would be more properly expressed by a synod than by a Roman congregation.

Goodbye Father: The Celibate Male Priesthood and the Future of the Catholic Church by Richard A. Schoenherr.  A book review by William D'Antonio. The author is a sociologist, dead in 1996, who left this book behind in manuscript form.

How to build a healthier church by Father Donald Cozzens.  An informal interview, from U.S. Catholic magazine.

The Priest at Mass. A detailed explanation, derived from official sources.

The Priesthood in Peril by John Monczunski, from Notre Dame Magazine. A discussion of current pastoral concerns.

The Priest, Pastor and Leader of the Parish Community from the Congregation for the Clergy, 2002.  An instruction addressed to all parish priests.

The Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest, edited by Father Donald B. Cozzens. An anthology.

What Is Dominican Priesthood? by Father Thomas P. Rausch, S.J. The author argues that the Church needs a priesthood more prophetic than cultic.


* * * * * * * * * * 


The Bishop and the Liturgy by Father Cipriano Vagaggini, O.S.B. This is the table of contents of  Concilium, no. 2 [1965].  Other pertinent articles are by Father Joseph Pascher, Msgr. Frederick McManus, and Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J.  In due time, ACP will endeavor to make some of these articles available online. 

The Ceremonial of Bishops. After the music suggestions, the author provides a brief introduction to the Ceremonial of Bishops, which you can order online.

Decree on the Pastoral Office of Bishops [Christus Dominus] by the Second Vatican Council, 1965.

From Apostles to Bishops by Father Francis Aloysius Sullivan, S.J. 

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Publishers and Publications

ACTA Publications. A Catholic book publisher, with many resources for the liturgy.   See, for example, the book, The Mass: An Invitation to Enjoy It, by Amy Florian.

Augsburgfortress A retail center, especially good for choral music [from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America-ELCA].

Choristers' Guild. An organization that fosters youth choirs, providing educational opportunities for them and for their directors.  The Guild also publishes choral music and related materials.

Church Publishing In the drop-down menu, click on "Music Materials" [from the Protestant Episcopal Church].

Concordia. A good source for choral and instrumental music, in accord with the liturgical year [from the Missouri Synod Lutheran Church]. 

Lorenz.  A publisher specializing in sacred choral and handbell music. Exclusive distributors for the Choristers' Guild.

Magazines Online: A Catalog of Periodicals  Over 1400 magazines and other  periodicals are available here, for new subscriptions, renewals, and gift subscriptions.  Catholic magazines are found on the page,  Featured Titles, in the left column.

Oxford University Press. Click, for example, on the link Music, for choral settings.

Resource Publications   Publisher of  the monthly periodical, Ministry & Liturgy, with a special emphasis on pastoral concerns, parish work, and liturgical art.

Selah Publishing Company. Contemporary authors and composers.

E.C. Shirmer Music. Audio files are available for choral titles.

Worship The premier liturgical journal in the U.S. Excellent scholarship.

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Questions and Answers

Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy. Semi-official responses from the Secretariat of the BCL, especially pertinent for the Latin Rite dioceses of the U.S.

Clarifications and Interpretations of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. In order by paragraph number of the General Instruction, here  is a set of queries and their respective replies from the Congregation for Divine Worship.  These responses were published in Notitiae from 1969 to 1981.  A slightly abbreviated set of these same responses is also available from St. Michael's College.  Many of these responses have found further clarification in the current edition of the General Instruction.  [These clarifications, for example, explain why the organ should not be played during the priest's part of the Eucharistic Prayer and why people should not hold hands during the Our Father.]

Copyright Basics. Questions answered by the U.S. Copyright Office. If you really want to get into this topic, go to the Music Publishers Association.

Frequently Asked Questions of ACP.

May a bishop obligate his priests to accept female servers? Cardinal Estevez says no.

There Are Reasons for Rites and Rubrics by Father Norman Perry, O.F.M. Questions about Communion.

Zenit: The World Seen from Rome.  Here, you get questions answered by Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum. Readers may send  questions to [email protected].  Please include the word "Liturgy" in the subject field. Your text should include your initials, your city and your state, province, or country.


Resources for Research and Study

Frank Henderson's Page on Liturgy and Medieval Women

Links to Liturgical Studies on the Internet  by Father Jan Michael Joncas.  The editor is erudite and accurate.  As his research continues and as more scholarly material comes online, this site will become more and more valuable.

Order of St. Benedict

Renaissance Liturgical Imprints: A Census [] This is a database of information about liturgy books printed before 1601. European ritual books are included from Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish traditions. The acronym for the site is RELICS. Information is included on over 13,500 titles.

Research Guide to Catholic Liturgy. An excellent bibliographical introduction, from St. Michael's College of the University of  Toronto.  Texts and studies for  the Roman Rite, other Western rites, and the Eastern rites.

St. John's University Library

Theology Library at Spring Hill College

Woodstock Theological Center Articles by Father Thomas J. Reese, S.J., from the pages of America.  See, for example, his essay, Steal a Missalette.


Societies and Associations

Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada   An ecumenical group interested in hymnody and hymnology; primarily mainline Protestant, with some Catholics. The Society exists to promote vital congregational singing, writing of new hymns and tunes, and research with publication.

Liturgical Conference An association of those interested in liturgical renewal, especially Catholic, Episcopal, & Lutheran Churches. Publication: Liturgy: A  Journal of the Liturgical Conference

National Association of Pastoral Musicians  For those in parish music work. National convention every 2 years; regional, every other year. The principal publication is Pastoral Music.

North American Academy of Liturgy

Societas Liturgica

Society for Catholic Liturgy  An association of pastors, musicians, scholars & others interested in liturgical renewal in the Catholic Church. The Society sponsors an annual convention and a periodical, Antiphon.  Back issues may be searched online.


Time of Mass, for Travellers

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Universities and Centers of Liturgical Training

Liturgical Institute of the University of St. Mary of the Lake Masters' level courses in liturgy and theology; daily prayer as well. 

Notre Dame University  The Center for Pastoral Liturgy organizes a yearly pastoral meeting.   Graduate level courses are also offered in liturgical studies, leading to the M.A. or the Ph.D.  Probably the best center in North America for academic research and training in liturgical studies.  Father Joseph Jungmann, S.J., taught here in the Summer Program in 1949.



Vows and Other Wedding Rituals

For books on marriage, matrimony, and wedding preparation, visit the appropriate category in the ACP Family Bookstore.  There, you will also find a practical introduction to the use of music at weddings, specific suggestions, and a search engine for songs by title.

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Bridal Showcase. Exhibitions across the country.

The Catholic Wedding by Father Michael Dogali.

Crane's Wedding Blue Book. Matters of etiquette, planning, etc.

Engaged Encounter, National. A marriage preparation program of nationwide scope.

Engaged Encounter. A marriage preparation program in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Marriage Preparation. Questions and answers. Lots of info.

Modern Bride. Fashion, honeymoons, new home.  Here, in 45 minutes, you can set up a free website for wedding announcements.  Your site is much the same as everybody else's; ads are included in your site.

The New England Wedding Association. Details of the Catholic wedding ceremony, under Vows and Ceremonies.

The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony by Father John D. Byrnes.  With a little more time, you can set up your own distinctive website.  A pre-wedding site is about $200.  Your site can be very much your own; there are no ads.  You have to have Flash software already installed on your computer.

Wedding Channel. Gowns, invitations, gift registry, etiquette, etc.

Wedding Details.  Roman Catholic traditions.

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Word of God in the Liturgy

Criteria for the Evaluation of Inclusive Language Translations by the United States Catholic Conference [Bishops of the U.S.].

Daily Word of Life Scriptural prayer for every day of the year.

Debate over language lingers; lectionary vote is inconclusive by Pamela Schaeffer

Inclusive Language and the Bible by Joseph Jensen, O.S.B.

Introduction to the Second Edition of the Lectionary for Mass by the United States Catholic Conference.

The Lectionary and the Liturgical Year:  How Catholics Read Scripture by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M. A newsletter in the series Scripture from Scratch.

Lectionary Revision by the Bishops' Committee on the Liturgy, United States Catholic Conference.

Liturgical and Biblical Texts for the Third Millennium by Bishop Donald W. Trautman.

Meeting Christ in the Liturgy Edited by Father Francis Hannigan, O.P. Weekly reflections on the Scripture used in the liturgy.

The Roman Catholic Lectionary for Mass by Father Felix Just, S.J.

The Roman Lectionary and the Scriptures Read in Church by Father Frank C. Quinn, O.P.

Sacred Space A resource for daily prayer in private, from the Irish Jesuits.  A useful tool for brief contemplation, in accord with the liturgy of the day.

The Sunday Lectionary: Ritual Word, Paschal Shape by Normand Bonneau.

Textweek Connections between the Scripture of the liturgy and films, art, and literature.

What Is God's Name? by Cardinal Francis George, O.M.I. Commentary on the Lectionary, especially its English idiom. Some reflections on the use of inclusive language.


Year of Grace
[Church calendar and the liturgical

Advent by Father Michael Anderson Bullock. We do not sing Christmas carols, he says, until it is Christmastide.  [Note that for Advent Roman Catholics wear not blue but purple.]

Advent. From St. Timothy's Church. We do not sing Christmas carols during Advent,  says the author, because it isn't Christmas yet. We are awaiting the event that has yet to happen.  Instead, we sing Advent hymns that remind us of that anticipation, of what is to come. 

Advent FAQs. From the Franciscans.

Advent Season. From Sadlier. Adapted from the official documents of the Roman Rite.

Advent Then and Now by Gary D. Penkala.  Brief review of the historical origins of  the Season of Advent.

The Advent Wreath by Father Victor Hoagland, C.P.  A rite for use at home.

Can We Sing Christmas Carols During Advent? by Dennis Bratcher.

Catholic Traditions for Advent and Christmas by Michaelann Martin.

The History of the Advent Wreath by Father William Saunders.

History of Luciadagan [St. Lucia's Day] by Bill Petro.

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Father Pius Parsch, O.S.A.

Our Lady of Guadalupe by Brother Michael, M.I.C.M. The story behind the celebration.

Our Lady of Guadalupe [as observed in Mexico].  Full color images of the festival.

Pre-Christmas Fast by Father Philaret Littlefield.  As opposed to the Western Advent, a time of joyful hope, the Byzantine Eastern Churches prepare for Christmas with a time of penance, the pre-Christmas fast.

The Season of Advent:  Anticipation and Hope by Dennis Bratcher.

* * * * * * * * * *

Advent, Christmas, Epiphany by Father Adrian Nocent, O.S.B.

Baptism of the Lord by Father Paul Turner.  A bulletin insert.

Christmas Season.  From Sadlier.

The Early Christmas Carols.  Just a few examples.

Feasts of the Christmas Season by Father Thomas Richstatter, O.F.M.

How Christians Should Celebrate Advent and Christmas by John Bookser Feister.

Journeying through the Advent/Christmas Season and Christmas Liturgy for the Sake of the Children by Father Michael A. Soporito.  A PDF file.

Midwinter Night's Eve:  Yule by Mike Nichols.  Pagan antecedents for Christmas customs.

The Origins of Christmas by Rev. Thomas J. Talley.

Why don't we prolong Christmas? by Sister Louise Zdunich, N.D.C.

* * * * * * * * * *

Baptism Is the Key by Father Lawrence E. Mick.  A newsletter in the Catholic Update series.

Baptism:  The Living Sacrament of Lent by Father Bruce T. Morrill, S.J.

Lent and Our Ongoing Conversion of Heart by Bishop William L. Higi.

Lent:  Call to Conversion by Kay Murdy.

Lenten Season.  From Sadlier.

* * * * * * * * * *

The Ascension by Bishop Kenneth Untener.

Easter:  A time to unpack what Baptism means by Father Larry Mick.

Easter in the Liturgical Year by Father Alexander Schmemann.

Easter Season.  From Sadlier.

Easter Triduum.   From Sadlier.

How the Church celebrates Easter.  From the Diocese of Saginaw, Michigan.

Passover and Easter: Origin and History by Rev. Paul F. Bradshaw and Lawrence A. Hoffman.

Passover and Easter:  The Symbolic Structuring of Sacred Seasons by Rev. Paul F. Bradshaw and Lawrence A. Hoffman.

Practical Consideration for Easter Season Worship by Marjorie Proctor-Smith.

Resurrection Homily by St. John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, c. 390.

Resurrection:  Understanding the mystery that we call Easter by Catherine Haven.

The Tide of Easter by Gary D. Penkala.

* * * * * * * * *

General Norms for the Liturgical Year and the Calendar by the Congregation for Divine Worship.

General Roman Calendar of Solemnities, Feasts, and Memorials by the Congregation for Divine Worship.

Bibliographical Guide to the Liturgical Year.  From Mount Angel Abbey.

Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar by Marcos J. Montes.  Excellent introduction, lists, and calculator.

Calendar Explorer. A software program that generates reports for you.  Calendar Explorer can convert  a Gregorian date into the equivalent Islamic civil calendar date and Indian civil date.  Furthermore, this program can also display the American secular holidays.

From Sabbath to Sunday by Samuele Bacchiocchi.  In a new approach, the author argues that Sunday observance came into effect only after 135 A.D., not from apostolic times.  He also argues that this change was accomplished under the influence of the Church of Rome, not that of Jerusalem.  Available online are additional excerpts from the author's work, as well as his personal testimony.

Historical review of Sabbath keeping among early Christians by Gordon Shigley.  A response to Bacchiocchi, to the effect that gentile Christians seem not to have observed any day as the Sabbath.

How Sunday Became the Popular Day of Worship by Kenneth A. Strand.  Another response to Bacchiocchi, to the effect that both Saturday and Sunday were widely observed for several centuries.

The Liturgical Year.  With a JavaScript program that generates the liturgical calendar for any given year.

The Liturgical Year.  An informal look at medieval and post-Reformation practice.

Liturgical Year in Rome.  Music and sermons as given at St. Peter's Basilica.  The language of this website is English.

Liturgical Year with dates from 1993-2010.  All Sundays and feastdays are included.

Liturgy and Reflections. An Anglican site, with reflections for each Sunday, as well as spirituality resources, from New Zealand. See especially the section on "Celebrating the Eucharist."

Ordinary Time.  From Sadlier.


Zany, Extraneous, and Irrelevant

Catholic Tunes for Your Cellphone.  Yes, now you can answer your phone to the tune of Ave, Maria; Praise to the Lord, the Almighty; Regina Caeli; Salve Regina, or another revered melody.  We can thank the Dutch for this innovation.

Rodentes Ridentes.  Pecudes parvulae in oblectatione tua cantant saltantes.  Ex re scilicet in domo tuo tantum, potes voluptatem capere.  Dum data inlata sunt, patientia tua requiritur.  Deinde, postquam pagina omnino inlata est, electio saltationis tibi detur.  Commendatur birthdaydance, i.e., diei natalis saltatio. Quoque commendatur canticum pristinum, hampsterdance.


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