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Sample Page: Parish Liturgy


Gospel Theme for Today: Today's feast is the oldest Marian celebration in the Roman tradition. We honor Mary as the human mother of Christ; we honor the Church as our spiritual mother.

Litany of Praise:

1) Lord Jesus, we praise your name, [Kyrie, eleison.] or [Lord, have mercy.]

2) Christ Jesus, we welcome your spirit within our midst, [Christe, eleison.] or [Christ, have mercy.]

3) Lord Jesus, renew our faith, we pray, [Kyrie, eleison.] or [Lord, have mercy.]

First Reading: In days of old, God's blessing took the form of invoking God's name. In the present age, the name Jesus was given to Mary's Son, as a sign of blessing and salvation.

Second Reading: We know that Jesus was born of a woman; as a result, we are his brothers and sisters. We share his human origin through Mary; we share his divine origin through God himself.

General Intercessions: Priest: Mary and all the saints are praying with us, interceding for us with God. Let us join our prayers to theirs, knowing that God always hears and always answers.

Deacon, Leader of Song, or other Minister:

1) For the holy Church of God, that we will know her as a mother and a guardian of life, let us pray to the Lord.

2) For all Christian mothers, that they will treasure the gift of life and motherhood, that God will bless them with love, patience, and courage, let us pray to the Lord.

3) For those who work for peace, that God will bless them abundantly, let us pray to the Lord.

4) For those who live alone, for orphans and widows, for the neglected of society, that they will share in the blessings of God's family, let us pray to the Lord.

5) For our homes and families, that our devotion to Mary and to her Son will grow in the New Year, let us pray to the Lord.

Priest: Father, we thank you for adopting us as your sons and daughters. Grant us your blessing and grace. Help us to keep our faith and to love your Word. We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Ideas and Suggestions

Dot Veneration of Mary should be promoted. However, the 1963 Liturgy Constitution says that liturgy and devotions should not be intermingled. The rosary, for example, is a great devotion; but the use of the rosary during Mass is not appropriate. Also, on a holy day such as this, it would be out of order to have all the hymns directed to Mary; it's a question of balance and good judgment.

Dot Since the Christmas Season is still in progress, Christmas carols are appropriate today. Also, because of Mary's association with the Church, it is fitting to sing hymns such as the The Church's One Foundation and Ecumenical Hymn.


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